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Things to know before picking up equipment. 租借需知。

Before picking up the equipment you need, it is always a good idea to get in touch with us and confirm that the equipment you need is available. Telling us your exact pick up time would also speed up the procedure. Please also reserve some time for testing the equipment. Our technician will try their best to help you in understanding the basic operation of these equipment.

在到HK Camera Rental提取器材次前,最好先跟我們聯絡,以確保器材以為閣下準備妥當。確定你提取器材的日期及時間,讓我們為你把你所需的預先準備好。更加應該預留充足時間測試器材。我們的技術部門同事,也會很樂意為你提供支援,確保閣下知道器材的基本操作。

What do I need to rent equipment from HK Camera Rental? 在HK Camera Rental租器材需要甚麼文件?

If it’s a company renting equipment from us, we will need a cheque issued by the company for the deposit when you pick up the equipment.

If you are renting equipment from us personally, we will need:

  1. You Personally Identity Document for photocopy
  2. Address proof within the past 2 moths
  3. Deposit according to the equipment renting. (Deposit can be made  by cash or credit card. )



  1. 有效身份證明文件作影印
  2. 兩個月內之住址證明
  3. 所需之按金(現金,或Credit Card)

What if the equipment break down during the rental period? 在租借期間器材有損壞將如何處理?

Equipment breaking down is a nightmare to any production team. At HK Camera Rental, no matter who’s fault it is, we will try our best to help finishing the job first. We will try our best to provide a substitution, and even sending it to your location within reasonable time.

If the client accidentally damaged the equipment, the deposit with us would then be on hold and we will repair the equipment at the client’s cost. Rent of the equipment will also be incurred until the equipment is repaired.

器材壞掉是所有製作團隊的惡夢。在HK Camera Rental,不論是誰的責任,我們都會先以最大家的能力,協助完成手上的工作。我們會盡力提供替代器材,甚至以我們可以的最佳時間,把器材送到客戶的拍攝場地。



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Please feel free to contact us. You can also shoot us an email at support@hkcamerarental.com

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Our technicians would be very happy to help you out with your questions and also technical problems on site. Call us at +852 3460 5348

Equipment Test

You can always come to our office and test out any equipment you want before renting it. This service is totally free. Our technician will be there to help too.